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OUR DOGS AND PUPS: Dog Success Stories
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Dog Success Stories

Nora and Carol

Nora is a loving and beautiful Golden Retriever who is also the mother of two litters of future service dogs.  Carol Bracco's first Bergin service dog, Ukiah, passed away in car accident.  Nora is Carol's successor dog providing independence and companionship.



Zane and Kathryn

Zane is an intelligent and loyal black Labrador Retriever.  Zane is also a successor dog following in Iris' paw prints.  Kathryn Erspamer is a Master's graduate from Bergin University.  She and Zane are an excellent service team and ambassadors for the University.



Dallas and Cody

Dallas is a strong and steady Golden Retriever.  Cody Allred is an Army Veteran looking for support as he reintegrates into civilian and family life.  Dallas has helped Cody to feel comfortable in public places and sleep through the night.



Xander and Steve

Xander is a sweet yet strong yellow Labrador Retriever.  Steve Roberts is an Army Veteran needing a special dog who can provide balance assistance and emotional support.  Xander and Steve are inseparable as they speak to and assist other Veterans.



Nim and Steve

Nim is a fun-loving yellow Labrador Retriever.  Steve Sweeney has received several service dogs from Bergin University, with Quest having just retired.  Quest is busy showing Nim the ropes as she learns how she can make life easier for Steve.



Whitney and Seyward

Whitney is a steady and loving Golden Retriever.  Seyward McKinney, an Army Veteran, and Whitney became fast friends during client training.  Whitney helps Seyward with balance issues and physical tasks in her new home.



Newton and Chad

Newton is an energetic and smart Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  Chad Higgenbotham, an Army Veteran, understood how a special dog can help relieve the effects of Post Traumatic Stress.  Newton is always by Chad's side as he manages a wildlife preserve. 



Chrissy and Zak

Chrissy is a black Labrador Retriever and mother of two litters.  Zak Baldwin came to us through our partnership with Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento, California.  Chrissy uses her natural mothering skills to care for and watch over Zak at home and at school.



Farmer and Rhys

Farmer is a young and thoughtful black Labrador Retriever. Rhys Torvinen is a young and thoughtful teen who found us through the Make A Wish Foundation. Rhys has cerebral palsy and his wish was to have a furry friend by his side who could also retrieve needed items for him. Farmer is that new friend. She will accompany Rhys in the Fall when he begins a new adventure called high school!