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Request A Dog - Service Dogs

Students at Bergin University train and place service dogs as a part of the Assistance Dog Education degree program. Our main focus is providing these students with a thorough, in-depth and experiential education in the training and placement of service dogs. In order to maximize the involvement of our students, the service dog application process is all done via email. This allows us to review client communications with all of the students and to involve the entire group in the client communication process. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to help our students learn, and we hope that our students will, in turn, be able to help you by training and placing one of our wonderful service dogs with you.

Bergin University places the following kinds of dogs: 

* Facility, Animal Assisted Therapy and Social Therapy dogs provide invaluable benefits to the populations they serve, but they do not meet the legal definition of an assistance/service dog and do not have public access rights.

We do NOT train or place the following types of dogs. The Assistance Dogs International website (www.assistancedogsinternational.org) has a list of accredited organizations that offer these valuable services:

Please download our client brochure here

View Policy on Acceptance of Clients.