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OUR DOGS AND PUPS: About our Dogs
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About Our Dogs

The University is devoted to "Advancing the human-canine partnership through research and education." After years of research we've identified that the breeds of dogs most suited to Service Dog work are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

By having our own breeding program, we are able to produce dogs whose temperament and physical characteristics make them ideal Service Dog candidates.

All dogs begin their training as Service Dogs as early as three weeks old. During the training process, some dogs are identified for "career changes" to graduate as Social/Therapy Dogs or Facility Dogs.

In some cases, we provide dogs to other Assistance Dog programs. One example is Assistance Dogs of the West who purchased three of our pups to train for their program. Another is our dog Vanna who graduated from the San Francisco SPCA hearing Dog Program. See our Dog Success Stories!