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Loved going to Bergin University! I learned so much while there (obtained my A.S. in Assistance Dog Education, 2007) and made some wonderful lifelong friends that share my same passion. Would highly suggest anybody interested in service dogs to attend!
Reviewed By: Abby Keener

Did A.S. program for ADE, 2002-03; M.S. (graduated 2010) A.S. program gives tons of hands-on service dog training. experience; excellent education on why people need service dogs M.S. is solid study of dog-human partnerships; fascinating, great instructors!
Reviewed By: Pam Hogle

The school gives me the future. If I have not able to find this school, not only I am not doing this job, but not able to help many people. I can't think of any other school that gives me the education that I got from Bergin University.
Reviewed By: Sae Hokoyama

I attended the Service Dog Summer seminar in 2012. It was 6 weeks of intense learning including dog training and client experience. I worked with puppies, a service dog that gave birth to beautiful puppies and had an awesome experience with clients who were there for 2 weeks to receive their own service dogs. I highly recommend Bergin for anyone that is interested in becoming a Service Dog trainer or learning more about this industry.
Reviewed By: Lisa Ann Gray

I am currently a Master's student at Bergin University engaged in writing my graduate thesis. Bergin University is a fantastic school for those generally interested in canines, those interested in a professional career as a service dog trainer, interested in an undergraduate degree with a canine emphasis, or those looking at achieving a graduate degree to become future voices in the industry. Accreditation is very important these days with many offering degrees online for simply completing a few online courses or tests. Bergin is not like this. Fully accredited, the schooling received here has been, and continues to be verified by an independent third party organization that is in charge of ensuring all Universities meet certain requirements in order to achieve and maintain this status. Bergin will immerse you in the world of Canines, opening your eyes to their abilities and personalities. From the Master's program perspective, a student could not have asked for a better lineup of professors to teach the classes required for a degree. Bergin is in a unique position in which it is able to bring in professors from other Universities to teach the Master's program. This gives students access to some of the foremost minds in the canine world, offering a completely unique, and personal lecture environment to learn in. Courses in the Master's program range from behavior and learning, to ethics, to canine intelligence, canines through history, anatomy, etc. All classes are based soundly in up-to-date scientific literature and research, and classes also offer opportunities for students to discuss "future scientific directions", and even more theoretical and unproven hypotheses in a productive group environment. Bergin University is also unique because it is a fully operational Service Dog School which gives the students a unique opportunity to be involved in training service dogs through a variety of life stages. Personally myself, I have been involved in some design projects for the facility, the puppy "early-enrichment" program, training young puppies through a set of commands starting from the very beginning to more advanced steps, and even working with some adult canines. The facility at Bergin is very unique as well. Moving in January 2012, Bergin is now at a facility that offers a large training room for inside training, grooming, and putting on some of the classes (e.g. canine first aid) but also offers a expansive outdoor area that is completely fenced in to allow for safe off leash work, as well as use of the play area and the canine agility equipment. The facility also has plenty of classroom space, a cafeteria area, and even a small library with computer access. Staff at Bergin University is amazing too. Passionate about their field and excited to teach both canines and students, the enthusiasm and excitement in the air can be felt. Always willing to help and accommodate student needs (both their human and canine students), the environment is one that promotes success. Bergin University is growing, and as it does so, it will be able to offer more and more people the opportunity to become a student and learn so many interesting, relevant, and wonderful things about themselves and their 4-legged companions. Being around since the early 90's, Bergin University is a school for those that want to make a difference for people and canines around them and if you are one of those people, you won't regret it!!
Reviewed By: Jeremy R

In 2011, I graduated from the 6 week Service Dog Training Seminar. The education I received provided me with real world hands on training to successfully train service dogs. I not only learned some of the best dog handling skills, but also how dogs think, teaching strategies, client preparation and pairing, etc. We went on fieldtrips to malls, parks, a bowling alley, and restaurants so we could better understand how service dogs greatly assist disabled persons in their everyday lives. My expectations of Bergin were definitely met; from Dr. Bergin as our instructor to the rest of the staff, the volunteers and my fellow classmates. Today I am actively involved in training service dogs for my fellow military veterans. This is a great career path for those who love animals and want to make a difference by helping others.
Reviewed By: Jean-Marie Kautzman

Attending this one of a kind university was a dream come true as well as being surrounded by like minded individuals like myself. Each day brought new ideas of how to work with dogs of all ages on their journey towards being a service dog. The education was top notch and the hands on experience exceptional, since the curriculum is designed to help all individuals learns at their particular learning style. It has helped me approach dog training in a new light that allows the dogs to think and be creative. Staying in the dorm was a great experience to make wonderful friends and a time to discuss with others our thoughts of that day's lesson. Service Dog Training Seminar-Summer 2011
Reviewed By: Stephanie Gerken

I graduated from Bergin University of Canine Studies in 2009. Before going to BUCS I had never had a dog before and I had very little contact with dogs at all. Needless to say I was a bit nervous to go across the country to California and I worried that I might not be well enough prepared with my lack of dog experience. I was soon immersed in everything dog and discovered that I really did not need a ton of dog experience to excel in the assistance dog program. BUCS was an awesome experience for me! I had the opportunity to experience what it would be like to get a service dog without any dog experience in a mock client training, which took place the first two weeks we arrived. What an eye opening experience that brought awareness to what it would be like being wheel chair bound and then going through the whole training experience matched with a service dog. After this experience my class became very aware of how important it was to train these dogs so they were very reliable. I enjoyed learning various techniques and getting different methodologies. Our teacher showed us the importance of learning everything you can about training and finding the right method for you and the individual dog you are working with. BUCS teaches you the importance of making training fun! I found that after learning how to train service dogs at BUCS it has been very helpful knowledge that I can apply to other situations as well. For example after I graduated I had an opportunity to work with ponies and although I had worked with horses a little before I had found that learning how to train service dogs prepared me for this opportunity the best because I learned how to always keep an eye on my dog, and to be aware of my surroundings and anticipate problems. I also learned how to respond so that potential problems would not be an issue. So when other pony handlers both experienced and not would start to be pulled by their ponies I would have already avoided the problem by watching that I did not get too close to the grass. I have to say that my education at BUCS was the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend it to anyone interested in working with dogs in any field or anyone interested in training animals. You will learn that dogs have tremendous potential and I have noticed since my education at BUCS as I am now starting my own dog training business, I can see both the dog in their current state and where they can be. So when an owner tells me how awful their dog is and I think to myself well if only you could see where they could be and I let the owner know that they really do have an amazing dog.
Reviewed By: Sharon Grant

My other university experiences created tunnel vision. Bergin created super highways whose lanes of enlightenment broadened on a daily basis. My education landed me, and my SD Booster on TV in Cuba and in the arms of HIV infected children in Thailand! WOW
Reviewed By: Davis Hawn Bucs Master's Graduate

If you want to learn about service dogs, this is THE place to do it. After taking BU's widely known service dog seminar course, the HS-A Program, and a few classes in the MS curriculum, I give five stars. Classes, staff, and dogs are top notch!
Reviewed By: Sheryl O

I attended Bergin University in Dec 2012 to be matched with a Service Dog. The staff and trainers at Bergin changed my life for the better with my dog and how I relate to people. Veterans' wanting a service dog? This is the place to purse your goals.
Reviewed By: Steve Roberts

My education at BUCS was superlative. The intimate class sizes, supportive instructors and community of like-minded individuals led to an education experience like no other. And I can't forget to mention my furry four legged friends!
Reviewed By: Sarah Anderson